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Mold Organization 2022

Silicone Mold Storage Organization

After coming to terms with the sheer chaos of my mold storage, it was time to make it work with the help of a cheap storage cart.

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Cereal Box Organizer by Wilde Designs

Wilde Does Stuff: Simple DIY Upcycled Cereal Box Paper Organizer

Stuck inside during quarantine, we’re all looking for ways to organize our spaces and make them more comfortable. Unfortunately budgets are tight and materials are limited. The good news? Neither of those things will stop you from creating a Cereal Box Paper Organizer. This hack/tutorial/idea was originally posted on my old blog, but I’m finally […]

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2020 Announcements

2020 Announcements

Hear ye, hear ye! In 2020, some things will be changing! Don’t worry, nothing bad, and nothing that should send anyone spinning. There will, however, be a few small changes. Note that price changes will affect both online and in person sales, though as always, there will be special BOGO and other discounts at conventions. […]

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DIY Pin & Brooch Display by Wilde Designs

DIY Pin & Brooch Display

Organize – and display – all your favorite pins and brooches without breaking the bank or putting in a full afternoon of work.

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Scrapbook Paper Redo by Wilde Designs

Scrapbook Paper Cabinet Redo

Take a little cheap scrap book paper and redo a cheap old Walmart cabinet to create a much more vibrant storage solution for your space.

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DIY Pants Leg Tablet Case by Wilde Designs

DIY Pants Leg Tablet Case

This is a down and dirty, super easy tutorial on how to use an old pair of pants to make a brand new storage case for your tablet.

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Wilde Life Hack - World's Best Wrapping Paper Holder

Wilde Life Hack: World’s Best Free Wrapping Paper Holder

It’s official. The results are in. The BEST way in the whole wide world to hold your wrapping paper securely?

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Embroidery Hoop Earring Storage by Wilde Designs

Embroidery Hoop Earring Storage

When my husband’s grandmother passed away, I got her craft stuff, which was pretty epic. Some of it is for crochet and knitting, and I’m still looking for new homes for it. Some of it was awesome stuff like tons of lace ranging from new to vintage. I’ve slowly been finding new projects, and looking […]

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