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Pricing Your Work with Wilde Designs

Put Value in Yourself: Pricing Your Work

The hardest part of having a small business for most of us (apart from the taxes and paperwork) is pricing our work. We all want to be valued, and we all want our time to matter and our shops to succeed, but it can be hard asking what our stuff is worth.

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Word of the Year Spark

Word of the Year: Spark

This time around my Word of the Year isn’t really just about MY shop. This time around, it’s about what we can all be together. “We are the spark that will light the fire.”  Yes, I’m quoting The Last Jedi. Yes, I truncated the quote. The fact is that as small shop owners, as makers, as […]

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Wilde Designs 2018

What do YOU want to see the most from Wilde Designs in 2018?

  The first thing I want to know going into the new year is what YOU want to see from Wilde Designs in 2018. What products should we make? What conventions or craft fairs should we attend? What fandoms, creatures, colors, etc. would you like to see more of or see added if we don’t […]

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