DIY Pants Leg Tablet Case

DIY Pants Leg Tablet Case by Wilde Designs

You guys! I made a thing! Okay, here’s the part where I confess that it isn’t a fancy thing or a complicated thing or a thing I think you should copy as is. But it’s a thing! And it worked!

I realized when I was preparing to go to All-Con Dallas a few years back that I needed a case for my tablet. I didn’t want anything fancy, just a little something to keep it from getting dirty or scratched in my tote bag. My solution? Old pants. You see, I’ve had two pairs of corduroy pants that don’t fit right but that were far too nice to get rid of. Naturally I hoarded them and have continued to hoard them for a couple of years. As it turns out, there was a reason.

DIY Pants Leg Tablet Case by Wilde Designs

In what is probably the least insightful and most obvious creative move ever, I chopped off a section of the pants that was the right size to fit the tablet (with a little wiggle room), cut one side to make it more snug, and sewed it all together. I then sewed on ribbon and a button so that the top could be secured.

As you can see, the top is not an elegant solution. I should have made the overall pouch longer and cut one side so that it was a nice, attractive fold. Obviously, well, I didn’t. Another improvement would be to line the inside of the pants with fleece for extra padding. Both of these are something I’ll do on version 2.0, but this was a five minute project to make sure I had a case at all. I’m excited with myself for executing the project even in such a quick, haphazard way. What was your last emergency sewing/crafting project?

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