2020 Announcements

2020 Announcements

Hear ye, hear ye! In 2020, some things will be changing!

Don’t worry, nothing bad, and nothing that should send anyone spinning. There will, however, be a few small changes. Note that price changes will affect both online and in person sales, though as always, there will be special BOGO and other discounts at conventions.

  • Necklace prices will be changing. Most (though not all) that cost less than $20 will go up to $20. In other words, if you want them at $15, now is the time.
  • Ring prices will also be changing. Though a few (like the button rings) will stay the same, most resin and other rings will see at least a small price hike.
  • Several prints and shirts will be retired to make room for new designs. I’ll try to announce ahead of each retirement, but you may not get a ton of notice on social media. I recommend staying tuned and, even more, grabbing any favorites now so there’s no risk.

Don’t forget!

All Clearance is currently 50% off with code WildeNewYear – and I want you to use it. Seriously. Help me clear out some old stuff so I can rock it out with all the newness.

Because I WILL be doing new things, I also want to hear what you’d like to see in the shop. I’ll be creating some custom cameos if all goes well (it’s a whole new type of venture, so wish us luck!). What designs would you like to see on a cameo? What fandoms would you love to see represented? Tell me all about it!