About Wilde Designs

Wilde Designs at Hill Country Comicon 2021
Wilde Designs at Hill Country Comicon 2021

As we move out of childhood, we start being told that there’s one single way to look polished and that geeking out over your favorite things has nothing to do with it. Wilde Designs respectfully disagrees and offers geeks, freaks, and dreamers ways to show the love for their favorite things whether it’s at a con or at their day job.

Wilde Designs came about from a time of financial hardship and a lifetime love of creating. Beth Howard had been holding her own “craft sales” in her home to sell items to her family from the age of seven. School and work chipped away at creative time, but during college, when money got tight, Beth created an online shop to sell the goods that she had been making most of her life. Once she graduated with a BFA in graphic design, Beth continued to embrace the creative outlet that Wilde Designs offers.

Wilde Designs showcases handmade jewelry with a healthy dose of hand drawn art cards, geeky prints, greeting cards, stickers, and more. All our creations are made in Bloomington, IL, and we are proud to contribute to the creative community here.

At Wilde Designs, we believe that all humans have rights, black lives matter, and LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. We donate, support, and fundraise accordingly.

About Beth Howard

Elizabeth Howard is, first and foremost, a huge geek. Whether it’s her continually relapsing World of Warcraft addiction or rewatching of Marvel movies, Beth loves all things dorky. Professionally, she is a graphic designer who lives in Denton, TX and works full time at Texas Woman’s University. In addition to this full time position, she runs her own business, Wilde Designs, and freelances as a designer and social media manager. Beth graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design in 2006 and has been working steadily in the field since 2003. 

Wilde Designs opened in 2007 and is the artist’s playground where she tries out new techniques in digital and traditional art as well as crafting mediums. Her most notorious works are the Barbie Murders photographic series, which are hanging in homes all across the United States and abroad. Most of her personal creative work focuses on pop (and particularly geek) culture. Because you can never have too many hobbies to take up your time, Beth also cosplays.

When she isn’t working or dressing up like other people, Beth spends her time at home with her husband Wes, her daughters Pike and Cassie, and their three dogs.