Scrapbook Paper Cabinet Redo

Scrapbook Paper Redo by Wilde Designs

We had a really ugly, cheap old Walmart cabinet that fit perfectly in a space where we wanted to have a little extra storage out in the loft area. So the project became to make it less… well, less hideously ugly.

For context, the before:

Scrapbook Paper Redo by Wilde Designs

Like I said, boring and ugly. So we decided to cover the doors with some scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, fabric… something more attractive. A trip to Michaels yielded great results, and we picked up some paper we decided was perfect. I used spray mount to attach it, then decided to use Mod Podge to seal it. Sadly the Mod Podge made the paper buckle (someday I will learn to NEVER touch the stuff), but Wes insisted that it just added to the cool distressed look of the paper.

And… voila!