DIY Quick and Easy Baby Art

Quick and Easy DIY Baby Art by WIlde Designs

While my husband was out of town, I naturally had the sudden urge to do messy things with our then year old son. I’d been planning to do some art for the downstairs bathroom, and I figured Pike was just the baby to help me. I slapped acrylic paint on a canvas that I’d gotten on sale ten to a pack. I like the messy, rough look for the paint, so I left it that way instead of smoothing it. Then I slapped Pike’s little tootsies down on the canvas. He absolutely hated it, especially when it had to be cleaned off shortly after.

Quick and Easy DIY Baby Art by WIlde Designs

After a little dry time, I proceeded to the even easier part: finishing. I put double stick tape down the sides and across the bottom, measured and cut some ribbon, and stretched said ribbon all around the canvas. I tied it off into a bow at the top and tacked it to the wall with a thumb tack (yes, using a small nail would probably be more attractive). VOILA! Done! Barely any effort, barely any time, and I now have a lovely piece of art hanging on the wall in the bathroom. I’ll caution the hanging method would likely not work with a larger canvas size, but for this 8″x10″ and for anything smaller, it’s wonderful. 

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