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Glittery Skull Decoration by Wilde Designs

DIY Glittery Skull

True to my promise to keep things simple this is another easy one. While it’s certainly appropriate for Halloween, I confess that my glitter skull will be up all year.

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DIY Spooky Wreath by Wilde Designs

DIY Spooky Wreath

Put together a cute, spooky wreath for the Halloween season and spend less than $10 and just a few minutes on the project!

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DIY Pin & Brooch Display by Wilde Designs

DIY Pin & Brooch Display

Organize – and display – all your favorite pins and brooches without breaking the bank or putting in a full afternoon of work.

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Scrapbook Paper Redo by Wilde Designs

Scrapbook Paper Cabinet Redo

Take a little cheap scrap book paper and redo a cheap old Walmart cabinet to create a much more vibrant storage solution for your space.

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Quick and Easy DIY Baby Art by WIlde Designs

DIY Quick and Easy Baby Art

Create a unique masterpiece using canvas, paint, and your child’s feet – or hands if that’s what inspires you – in just a few minutes.

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