DIY Spooky Wreath

DIY Spooky Wreath by Wilde Designs

This is perhaps the easiest project you’ll take on this holiday season. It began when I was in Michaels and saw a bunch of gorgeous metallic keys in their dollar bins. I picked out a few different colors at my husband’s urging (I love that he enables projects like this!).

We wandered over to the dollar store after, and there I was able to find a wreath. It is indeed a wreath intended for Christmas and is a dark green with white to represent snow. It looked bleak and fall-y enough to suit my purposes, and I also found a raven and a sparkly black skull that I couldn’t resist.

DIY Spooky Wreath by Wilde Designs

Once we got home, I had my husband search out our Christmas wreath hanger (he removed the little Christmas tree that’s on the top of it and was the only thing that signaled it as not belonging to the right holiday) and I set down to assemble the pieces. Since the keys were already hung on ribbon, I was able to entangle them with the wire that made up the wreath. It took all of a minute, seriously. No skillz required. The raven had wire of it’s own on the feet, so I stuck him at the top to look over everything. The skull was probably the hardest part, and all it required was taking some floral wire and poking it through the foam of the skull, then wrapping that around the wreath. Boom. Done. No, seriously, done with the whole thing. That’s the project, folks. So grab whatever random assortment of goodies that make you think of Halloween and spend seven bucks to make a festive wreath (that has now survived without a nick or scratch for two years, I might add) for your home!

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