Crowley from Good Omens Cosplay Tutorial

Wilde Cosplay as Crowley from Good Omens at Nomikai Dallas 2019

Good Omens is fantastic, but the recent miniseries by Amazon Prime made it even more fantastic. I don’t think I even made it through the first part of it before I knew I needed to cosplay the main characters. I have yet to get my Aziraphale together, but for my cosplay guest appearance at Nomikai Dallas, I wanted to do something special, so I finished Crowley.

The beauty of cosplaying Crowley is that while his appearance is striking, the elements needed to create the right vibe are fairly simple.

Wilde Cosplay as Crowley from Good Omens

First you need black pants. I went with a pair of faux leather jeggings purchased at Walmart years ago, but any form of skinny fit jeans or leggings or leather pants will serve the purpose. I bought one of these black shirts because I needed a new nicer black t-shirt and there was a lightening deal for them. I’m a sucker for a deal. A black blazer will round out the last of what you need in terms of clothing. Mine was another Walmart purchase from several years back that was already hanging in my closet.

The accessories aren’t much more difficult. From the bottom up, you need a pair of black shoes (again, mine came from my closet). While my belt choice doesn’t precisely match anything onscreen, I can’t help but think Crowley would appreciate the spirit of the seat belt. This particular seat belt came from Hot Topic many moons ago, but similar ones are readily available. There are also Bentley belt buckles available that would be amazing. I put my Crowley necklace together from a couple I had already since they mimicked the feel if not the exact look of his scarf/necklace. You can find some great cheap options like this one around, though, if you don’t have something on hand already! I opted for an all black pair on the glasses out of personal preference, but Crowley’s have silver sides more like this pair. The wig too I already had on hand since it’s my go to for Black Widow. There are some fantastic options in all lengths and price points for wigs, though, so it’s easy to find lots that fit the bill.

Wilde Cosplay as Crowley from Good Omens at Nomikai Dallas 2019

The crowning glory is the tattoo. I had to have it even though most of the day it was hidden by my wig. It’s just so darn cool! I have a deep and abiding affection for the Silhouette tattoo paper even though I don’t have a Silhouette and have to cut them out myself. It’s still the best paper I’ve found in terms of durability. Don’t worry about where to find the tats. You can get a free download of the sheet of them I made for myself. All you need is a printer and some scissors – or a Silhouette if you’re fancy.

You can see all my favorite Amazon picks for putting together Good Omens cosplay in this idea list. The list (and the links above to Amazon products) are affiliate links, so if you buy anything, I will get a few cents here and there so we both win!

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