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Wilde Holiday Sales 2019

Wilde Holiday Sale Extravaganza

Ready for the holidays? Okay, yeah, me neither, but I think I can help us both with some holiday sales to get your shopping done and your mind at ease.

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Eleven Eleven Sale

Eleven Eleven Sale

Get $11 off any order over $50 with code 11WILDE11 at Wilde Designs to celebrate the lovely symmetry of it being November 11th.

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Wilde Designs 2019 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

Whatever winter holidays you celebrate, this 2019 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide will help you find exactly the right gift for all the nerds in your life.

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Wilde Schemes Halloween Harvest by Wilde Designs

Wilde Schemes: Halloween Harvest

This Halloween Harvest palette uses the leafy brown, orange, and yellow plus the deep blue, lilac, and black of a proper fall evening.

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Glittery Skull Decoration by Wilde Designs

DIY Glittery Skull

True to my promise to keep things simple this is another easy one. While it’s certainly appropriate for Halloween, I confess that my glitter skull will be up all year.

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Crowley from Good Omens Cosplay Tutorial

The beauty of cosplaying Crowley is that while his appearance is striking, the elements needed to create the right vibe are fairly simple.

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DIY Spooky Wreath by Wilde Designs

DIY Spooky Wreath

Put together a cute, spooky wreath for the Halloween season and spend less than $10 and just a few minutes on the project!

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Wilde Schemes In the Flesh

Wilde Schemes: In the Flesh

This particular Wilde Scheme is inspired by Kieren Walker (played by Luke Newberry) from In the Flesh. In case you don’t know, In the Flesh is a BBC series and the best zombie series you’ve probably never seen. Even better? It’s included with Prime Video, so if you haven’t watched it, this is the perfect […]

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Arcade Neon Wilde Schemes by Wilde Designs

Wilde Schemes: Arcade Neon

Today we’re featuring a gorgeous Arcade Neon riot of colors inspired by old school gaming at its best. Perfect for 80s themes and more!

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DIY Pin & Brooch Display by Wilde Designs

DIY Pin & Brooch Display

Organize – and display – all your favorite pins and brooches without breaking the bank or putting in a full afternoon of work.

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