Stay Safe and Stay Fashionable

Light Teal Sweetheart Self Defense Keychain by Wilde Designs

Self Defense Keychains are here! You can now get pre-made and custom self defense keychains at Wilde Designs. More styles and colors are being added regularly. Stay safe and stay fashionable at the same time! Don’t see something perfect for you? Choose the Custom option and tell me what you want.

These lightweight, simple keychains let you carry a piece of mind along with your keys. Available in multiple styles (more coming soon), there’s one that’s right for everyone’s needs.

Mermaid Scale Earrings by Wilde Designs

Wait, more customs? Yep. You can now get a custom Mermaid Scale Earrings or Dragon Scale Earrings by choosing the Custom option from the drop down and letting me know what your perfect color combination is! Get ready for summer with a pair of earrings that makes a statement, is lightweight, and will catch attention while you catch some sun.