Clearing the Clearance

50% off Clearance Sale 2021

Ready to clear out some clearance? 

I am! Wilde Designs is constantly adding new, different, awesome products, but that means that sometimes I also have to clear out the old stuff. Our Clearance & Sale section is filled with wearables and fun stuff of all kinds. The downside? We have too much stuff and too little space to store it all. 

That’s where you come in!

⭐ Get 50% off everything in the Clearance & Sale section with code WildeClearance from now until… well, until we clear some things out. ⭐

Convention Updates

With the pandemic, conventions have been few and far between, but now that I am fully vaccinated, I am hopeful about the idea of attending a couple of conventions again this fall. Currently I only have two scheduled, and they are subject to change as things develop in the world:

Both will be first time conventions for Wilde Designs, and I am excited to be a part of them. Hopefully I’ll even see some of you there. I am already working on new inventory (part of why the clearance is so important), and will be there with bells (and a mask!) on. 

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