You’ll Get What You Deserve

Get What You Deserve Greeting Card by Wilde Designs

The holidays are here. That means it’s time for a new card from Wilde Designs! This year, You’ll Get What You Deserve. Turns out? We all deserve the epic gloriousness that is Danny Trejo playing Santa from American Horror Stories.

Why this? Because Danny Trejo is a bad ass, and I absolutely and utterly love him. He’s phenomenal. I will accept no arguments on this. So as soon as I watched “The Naughty List” and saw him as Santa going totally off the rails, I knew what I had to do.

The card features my original watercolor illustration of Machete (y’know, his formal title) from the episode along with a quote from the clip above. Depending on who you send it to, it could be menacing or inspirational. So get your holiday on, and don’t forget all our sale codes to enjoy while making your order in the next few days. Woot!


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