DIY Easy T-Shirt Skirt

All of the plans I found for t-shirt skirts seemed to be stuff people made for their kids. Well, my little boy wasn’t interested, so I decided to make one for myself. Also? It’s more fun sewing when you get to wear what you made.

I’ve been wanting a maxi skirt, but even the cheap ones seem to run around $20, which seems steep. Yes, I AM that cheap. So I found this tutorial from Brassy Apple on Pinterest and grabbed some of my old shirts that didn’t often get worn anymore. Seriously, the tutorial’s brilliant because it’s ridiculously simple. It took me longer to (with my hubby’s help) figure out how to use my sewing machine than it did to make the whole skirt. 

I’ll definitely be doing more of these – probably in different lengths. I have some exciting ideas for other things to try. What was the last thing that you made for yourself?