Cosplay Tutorial: Warbler

Warbler Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs

You guys are all going to be put off by how easy this was. You’re going to think I’m a lazy bastard. And you’ll be right. My sister and I wanted very badly to be Warblers. This was awhile ago, as you can tell by the fact that my now almost four-year-old needed help to stand.

Warbler Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs

Step 1

Go to the thrift store. If you find a good one, they’ll not only have tons of blue blazers, they’ll have them with the gold buttons that Warbler uniforms sport. I then found a copy of the Warbler insignia through Google, printed it, and chalked the back. Then I laid it against the blazer and traced over the shape with a pencil. That left a chalky outline on the dark fabric, and I used that to trace out the D with red fabric paint. After that dries, any leftover chalk will wipe right off. Since I’m an iffy seamstress and my sister, though better than me, was in a hurry, we used duct tape to create the piping. And, honestly? It worked great. Easy to do and photographs well.

Even easier? You can find a Dalton blazer on Amazon.

Warbler Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs
Yes, Pike was really this tiny once upon a time. Ignore how awful my hair is and look at her.

Step 2

The tie is thankfully pretty easy to track down. Any red and navy blue striped tie will work. I got mine on Amazon, and you can find a similar one here (keep an eye on the price since it’s as high as $20 sometimes, but it drops down regularly). The same goes for the white shirt. Personally since I was keeping my blazer on most of the time, I got a short sleeved white shirt for my own comfort.

Warbler Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs

Step 3

On the pants, we actually messed up. The Warblers wear charcoal gray slacks, and we got navy that matched our blazers. That’s what happens when you’re in a hurry, folks. The upside is that I love those darn pants and wear them all the time for work, so there’s always an upside! If you want to add extra swag to your look, grab some shades and you’re ready to go.


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