Wilde Schemes: Arcade Neon

Arcade Neon Wilde Schemes by Wilde Designs

Today we’re featuring a gorgeous Arcade Neon riot of colors inspired by old school gaming at its best. By pulling specific tones, you get a rich palette with a lot of punch. It can skew cool if you focus on the blues and purples or be warm with an emphasis on the red, pink, and brighter purples. Either way, you could create one heck of an 80s fashion print or a vibrant illustration with this Arcade Neon as your point of inspiration.

You can see the fruits of my own labor using a closely related scheme as inspiration with my Friends Don’t Lie shirts, phone cases, prints, etc. Stranger Things has been a show that keeps on giving in a lot of ways, but the way it has brought 80s fashion, music, and games to the forefront might be my very favorite gift.

What’s the scoop on this part of the blog? Wilde Schemes are color schemes pulled from pictures that are geeky, odd, vibrant, and sometimes just plain pretty. You are welcome (and even encourage) to share these, but please keep the site info on the bottom so that people know where to come to find more. Have a request for a color scheme? Comment and let me know!

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