Tunes Tuesday Shipper Edition: Super Husbands

Because it amuses me and makes me happy, I’m going to be doing some Tunes Tuesday Shipper Edition (this week featuring Super Husbands). Not into shipping? No worries, you can just listen to the pretty songs and not worry about who I think should be dating who. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. Well, I mean, you might if you insult my sweet babies involved in the ships, but I won’t be hurt if you don’t ship them. I’ll warn you, my faves are mostly male/male pairings, so that’s something else to be aware of if you’d like to go ahead and run away.

Super Husbands by Petite Madame
Beautiful art by Petite Madame, who is crazy talented. Find her at

This week’s ship? Super Husbands aka Stony aka Steve x Tony. Even my seven year old knows I ship it. Hard. Sorry, guys, but the unresolved sexual tension is fantastic, and I refuse to feel bad about this one. Don’t worry, my love of slash doesn’t get in the way of my grasp on reality. I think Tony and Pepper are kind of perfect together, and I hate Steve and Sharon together just because it was so poorly developed.

First off? I have my own Stony playlist. You can listen too!

This video happens to be one of my favorite fan vids of all time. It was created when Civil War had been announced but not yet made, and it gives me all the feels. Ann2Who made it, and she’s got some fabulous stuff on her channel plus writes some great stuff on AO3! Like fan fiction? I’ve also got some Steve/Tony up on my AO3 with more to come. I also cannot recommend the Toasterverse series enough. It’s my jam. Actually, everything by scifigrl47 is my jam. Everything. But I definitely recommend starting here.

Expect the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come up a lot throughout these weeks because, well, I love it. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Again, not sorry.

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