Get Ready for Women of Wonder Con!

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Women Of Wonder Con is Coming to Dallas!

For the past four years, I’ve been involved in planning a convention. It started out as the Creative Women’s Conference, which was held for three years in Denton at the Denton North Branch Library. This year we rebranded to embrace our geeky nature. We are now Women of Wonder Con. We celebrate women in creative arts from writing to acting to comics to – well,  you name it. To avoid burying the lead, the con is FREE and happens on March 10, 2018. This Saturday! GuideLive even did a piece on the event that gives great info… plus they totally interviewed me.

We have also changed locations and sponsors this year. We are not hosted by the Dallas Public Library and sponsored by the Friends of the Dallas Public Library. Both groups have been absolutely amazing to us. I can’t wait to see what the con looks like set up and happening in the new venue. Thanks in part to them we have fantastic guests like actress and stunt woman Caitlin Dechelle, WFAA anchor Hannah Davis, and actress and acting coach Lar Park Lincoln, not to mention a huge host of other guests and artists.

No matter what your own gender happens to be, if you’re in the area or are willing to drive to Dallas for a totally FREE con celebrating women in the creative arts, please join us. We would love to see each and every one of your beautiful faces. I will be appearing both in the artist alley and as a co-presenter for the Sketch Dojo event run by Uncle Unicorn Art from Shonuff Studios!

Even if you can’t make it out, do us a huge favor and like the page, share some posts, and help us spread the word for this event!

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