Cosplay Tutorial: Jessica from True Blood

Cosplay Tutorial Jessica from True Blood by Wilde Designs

This is another super easy cosplay that once you have a couple key items, you can throw together in literally no time. Those are my favorites in case you haven’t picked up on that. I did this one for ConDFW since I wanted something cute but comfy and low key. If you want proof, check out my page at Wilde Cosplay, where I try to share everything I work on.

The standard black shorts came from the clearance rack of Old Navy (this pair is almost identical), and they are paired with my Airwalks because I am too cheap to wear real Converse (you can find another great dupe here). The bottle of True Blood we’ve had at the house for enough years that it will never be something a human drinks because it would probably kill them. But it makes a great photo prop. The order pad came from a pretend kit that I’ve had since I was a kid. Yes, really. Yes, I still have it. It’s not essential, just fun to have. They’re pretty cheap as a pack to grab online, thankfully. I also threw on a red flannel shirt (you’ll recognize it from my Amy Pond cosplay) for warmth in some of the cooler Con rooms, and you can find a similar one on Amazon.

Cosplay Tutorial Jessica from True Blood by Wilde Designs

The shirt and apron I got in person at Hot Topic years ago, but you can still find both the shirt and a similar apron on Amazon. I also blinged out my apron with some funny vampire buttons that I found on Walmart clearance after Halloween one year.

Cosplay Tutorial Jessica from True Blood by Wilde Designs

The hair is easy. You just twist a couple of small sections from the front toward the back and clip them with whatever is handy. Curl the bottom (I finally learned how to use a curling iron in less than an hour!), and you’re pretty much set. Jessica doesn’t wear a lot of heavy make up, which makes life a lot easier. Mascara, neutral lipstick, some brown eye shadow, and you’re pretty good to go. I added a pair of small gold heart earrings as an extra touch.

Have you cosplayed anyone from the True Blood universe?

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