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DIY Kid's Kitchen by WIlde Designs

DIY Kid’s Kitchen

Create a cheap and easy mini kitchen so that even the tiniest chefs can go through the motions of cooking and create faux food for hours.

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Warbler Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs

Cosplay Tutorial: Warbler

You guys are all going to be put off by how easy this was. You’re going to think I’m a lazy bastard. And you’ll be right. My sister and I wanted very badly to be Warblers. This was awhile ago, as you can tell by the fact that my now almost four-year-old son needed help […]

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DIY T-Shirt Skirt by Wilde Designs

DIY Easy T-Shirt Skirt

Find out how I made a quick, easy sew t-shirt skirt. As usual for me, it took me longer to get the sewing maching rolling than to make the skirt.

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Wilde Life Hack: Reuse Gum Cups

Wilde Life Hack: Reuse Gum Cups

Just in case no one has thought of it, the gum containers made to fit into car cup holders also happen to make the best snack containers ever.

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Cosplay Tutorial: Black Widow First Draft + FREE Template

If you’re ready to find out how to rock a Black Widow costume for your next convention or for Halloween, look no further.

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Amy Pond Impossible Astronaut Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs

Cosplay Tutorial: Amy Pond in The Impossible Astronaut

Get comfy for your next con in this Amy Pond cosplay inspired by her look in “The Impossible Astronaut” episode of Doctor Who.

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4 Perfect Activities for Easter Weekend by Wilde Designs

4 Perfect Activities for Easter Weekend

Looking for a way to keep everyone in your household entertained for the Easter holiday? Look no further. These activities are sure to please kids and adults alike. Kelly of Kiser Krafts shared this fantastic idea from The Seasoned Mom. Instead of just putting candy in the eggs during the Easter egg hunt, try putting […]

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Amy Pond in The Beast Below Cosplay Tutorial by Wilde Designs

Cosplay Tutorial: Amy Pond in The Beast Below

Cosplaying Amy Pond as seen in Doctor Who episode “The Beast Below” is shockingly easy – and even better, super comfortable.

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Wilde Life Hack - World's Best Wrapping Paper Holder

Wilde Life Hack: World’s Best Free Wrapping Paper Holder

It’s official. The results are in. The BEST way in the whole wide world to hold your wrapping paper securely?

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Embroidery Hoop Earring Storage by Wilde Designs

Embroidery Hoop Earring Storage

When my husband’s grandmother passed away, I got her craft stuff, which was pretty epic. Some of it is for crochet and knitting, and I’m still looking for new homes for it. Some of it was awesome stuff like tons of lace ranging from new to vintage. I’ve slowly been finding new projects, and looking […]

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